Supporting people with developmental,
cognitive and intellectual disabilities to be
actively involved in their home communities.

Featured Leaper

Bill V. - A Good Man

Bill V. - A Good Man

Our current Featured LEAPer is Mr. William Viers. He was born in the summer of 1956, and most of us simply know him as “Bill”. He’s a great member of our community and you’ve probably seen him out shopping at the local grocery stores, enjoying music at events and/or participating in one of the many activities hosted by LEAP. He regularly visits Stone Soup Gardens, and loves sitting on his swing at home while enjoying the outdoors.

His typical day begins with shaving, enjoying the smell of his coffee, packing a lunch and anticipating his work day. He attends Work First five days a week, and works at “Touch of Class” thrift shop, buttoning and preparing clothing to be displayed for sale. When Bill comes home from work, he likes to relax and unwind by sitting in his recliner listening to his favorite television show “Bonanza”, or quietly reading one of his books with his fan on.
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Ross Bean – Featured LEAPer for Spring 2017

Ross is excited for Earth Day!

Ross Bean recently did his part to celebrate Earth Day on Saturday April 22nd, as seen in the shared photo.  When DSP Wes Babula arrived at Ross’ apartment that day, they talked about the meaning of Earth Day, and a local couple who had organized a sign-up in town.  Ross seemed interested in helping his community and the environmental impacts of trash.  “I said sure, that sounds like fun.  I’d like to do that. We collected trash on the side of the road.  Two bags full! It was gross and I wore gloves so I didn’t get germs.”  Ross enjoyed this activity because he was helping others and doing a good thing.  He likes to help others. 

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Welcome to Justin’s world!

Welcome to Justin’s world!

Justin has been supported by services from LEAP since November of 2013, through in-home supports.  Instead of living in a LEAP facility, he continues to live with his guardian, and he has just a few hours of support from LEAP DSPs through the week.

Prior to accepting LEAP services, Justin has primarily received the help he needs through his mother, and when younger, had some home supports while he was in school. Moving to adulthood, Justin wanted to try and explore new aspects of his community, which brought him and his guardian to LEAP.

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Chris, aka "MosquitoMan," brings the SmileFest with him!

Chris, aka "MosquitoMan," brings the SmileFest with him!

Meet Christopher S. aka ”Mosquito Man”!
by Tony Bolens

In the middle of the coldest, snowiest winter that we can remember having at Davis Road last year, we were blessed to have tons of warm smiles and positive attitude arrive to brighten up the place, when Christopher S. decided to move from his home in Temple and come live with the other people at Davis Road. The transition started last fall when his mother and life-long care provider, Linda, called and said reluctantly, “I heard you have an opening over there, and I am considering whether or not this could be a good option for Chris…I think he might be ready for a change.” Visits started soon after and we saw that he was making himself at home. We had a meeting to discuss it with Chris and he made it clear that he liked the idea by going home and packing everything down to the can opener. (lol) The rest is history; he moved in just before the first of the year and has made himself at home.

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Roger's Ride for Freedom!

Roger's Ride for Freedom

Ride for Freedom!
Roger's desire for independence has motivated him to learn the safety rules for riding his bike to work daily, providing his own transportation. The pride in his smile of accomplishment is inspirational. As his skills improved, he has moved up to a larger bike. He was motivated to learn the skill of operating the much larger size by going to the park and practicing at the beginning of the season. Roger continued riding the smaller bike to work until he felt confident with the larger bike. Then, after a month of constant practice, the proud day for him arrived! He was able to arrive riding his wheels of freedom and pride, and show his peers and community supports staff the independence of providing his own transportation.
~ by Sandra Conley

A Mother's Dream for Her Daughter

dream for her daughter

A Mother’s Dream for Her Daughter

As the parent of Abby, my 25 year old daughter, I am excited to share with readers how LEAP Inc. has assisted her to make many positive changes in the quality of her life. In addition, LEAP Inc. supports our whole family to maintain a sense of normalcy in our lives.

It was always my dream for Abby to become as independent as possible. LEAP Inc. staff has supported Abby through the steps to become a more independent young woman who is able to live in an apartment with a roommate. LEAP Inc. staff believes in Abby’s ability to learn and experience new things every day. They have fostered Abby’s desire to feel proud of herself and to accomplish daily living skills I never thought she would be capable of doing. LEAP has taught Abby (and I) that she can trust and rely on them to assist her with her care and wellbeing. Abby has learned what it is like to share a home with a roommate and to adapt to the way other people live.

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