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Chris, aka "MosquitoMan," brings the SmileFest with him!

Chris, aka "MosquitoMan," brings the SmileFest with him!

Meet Christopher S. aka ”Mosquito Man”!
by Tony Bolens

In the middle of the coldest, snowiest winter that we can remember having at Davis Road last year, we were blessed to have tons of warm smiles and positive attitude arrive to brighten up the place, when Christopher S. decided to move from his home in Temple and come live with the other people at Davis Road. The transition started last fall when his mother and life-long care provider, Linda, called and said reluctantly, “I heard you have an opening over there, and I am considering whether or not this could be a good option for Chris…I think he might be ready for a change.” Visits started soon after and we saw that he was making himself at home. We had a meeting to discuss it with Chris and he made it clear that he liked the idea by going home and packing everything down to the can opener. (lol) The rest is history; he moved in just before the first of the year and has made himself at home.

Over the last 9 months, we have learned a lot from Chris as he teaches us the meaning of joy every day with a smile that warms you, and an acceptance of all. He finds great excitement in helping out with chores around the house, and reminds us gently to smile, and enjoy the simple things in life by his own example. He loves lights, and taking apart broken things…from pianos, to old DVD players, and enjoys recycling cans at Madore’s Market. His joy in these activities is something that cannot be completely captured in words, and the full belly laugh & giggles are simply contagious!

Recently, Chris made friends with Brian Libby who owns 3D Games on Broadway in Farmington. Brian attended and has supported the LEAP Golf Tournament in the past and is a friend of LEAP. He enjoys having different people we support come in and visit with him, and says it is always a pleasure to help them find what they need, or even just chat about the games with them. Brian and Chris figured out they had a common interest. Brian likes to get rid of broken game consoles, and Chris likes to take them apart, so they worked out a deal where he can stop by every couple weeks and pick something up to take apart. Chris enjoys this, and I think Brian enjoys seeing him come in too.

Chris’ mom is always visiting him and taking him out to do things. She often tells staff, “This move has been so good for Chris; I am amazed at how much he is growing and doing things for himself. He is doing better than I could have thought. He continues to exceed my expectations every time I see him, and he is so happy here. He looks good and has lost so much weight. You can tell that he is really home here.” Sandy Osgood has been working successfully with Chris for years, including several years in the home when he was with his mom and has helped to make the transition easier for both Linda and Chris. Sandy often comments that she has always seen his potential, and can’t wait to see what he will come up with next.
All in all staff, family, peers, and Chris would likely tell you this has been a great year for him, and that he is fortunate to have found a place at Davis Road… almost as blessed as Davis Road is to have him.