Supporting people with developmental,
cognitive and intellectual disabilities to be
actively involved in their home communities.

A Mother's Dream for Her Daughter

dream for her daughter

A Mother’s Dream for Her Daughter

As the parent of Abby, my 25 year old daughter, I am excited to share with readers how LEAP Inc. has assisted her to make many positive changes in the quality of her life. In addition, LEAP Inc. supports our whole family to maintain a sense of normalcy in our lives.

It was always my dream for Abby to become as independent as possible. LEAP Inc. staff has supported Abby through the steps to become a more independent young woman who is able to live in an apartment with a roommate. LEAP Inc. staff believes in Abby’s ability to learn and experience new things every day. They have fostered Abby’s desire to feel proud of herself and to accomplish daily living skills I never thought she would be capable of doing. LEAP has taught Abby (and I) that she can trust and rely on them to assist her with her care and wellbeing. Abby has learned what it is like to share a home with a roommate and to adapt to the way other people live.

LEAP Inc. staff has also helped me to be able to “let go” (not easy for mothers of special needs children) of Abby and to trust them to do what they are all so great at doing…..caring and advocating for those who cannot always do it for themselves.

Thank you LEAP Inc staff! You all make many positive differences in people’s lives each and every day.

~ by Becky Adams