Supporting people with developmental,
cognitive and intellectual disabilities to be
actively involved in their home communities.

We Celebrate Andrea's Life!

Andrea reading at camp

We all celebrate my daughter’s life!

When Andrea was 2 years old, we were told she would probably die before she turned 5. I'm very happy to say she had her 37th birthday in July. She lived with me (her mom and guardian) until 2001. It was the most difficult decision I have ever made to let her go into her own assisted living apartment. LEAP had started supporting Andrea before the move in our home, so I was familiar with staff.
Since that time, Andrea has grown into a wonderful young woman. She loves people and enjoys the outings she attends with staffers. She has developed independence, helping with household chores and many other aspects of her life. She truly likes all of her support staff and is always looking ahead to shift change. Also, through sign language classes that LEAP provides for staff, her communication skills have definitely improved the way she can connect with folks.
Her movies and magazines make her happy, as well as going to a restaurant or coming to visit me.
I am thankful for LEAP and all that they do to provide Andrea with a caring, loving life.  Here, Andrea enjoys a quiet moment of enjoying a book at camp.

~ by Connie Verrier