Supporting people with developmental,
cognitive and intellectual disabilities to be
actively involved in their home communities.

Welcome to Justin’s world!

Welcome to Justin’s world!

Justin has been supported by services from LEAP since November of 2013, through in-home supports.  Instead of living in a LEAP facility, he continues to live with his guardian, and he has just a few hours of support from LEAP DSPs through the week.

Prior to accepting LEAP services, Justin has primarily received the help he needs through his mother, and when younger, had some home supports while he was in school. Moving to adulthood, Justin wanted to try and explore new aspects of his community, which brought him and his guardian to LEAP.

Justin has been learning to take care of himself with more independence, while working with his support staff. He is receiving education to improve his skills of community integration and inclusion. He is a frequent visitor at Dunkin’ Donuts in Farmington, as well as Wal*Mart where he enjoys helping out by pushing the carts. Justin is learning to manage his money, budget, plan meals, learning about recipes, and making purchases. He also learns how to appropriately interact with members of his community, as well as how to introduce himself and how to accept and respect personal space of people he encounters each day.

Recently, Justin was invited to a holiday party at LEAP’s Anson Street program. He decided to attend in full holiday dress, including a tie, Santa hat, and even found his class ring from graduation, to complete the ensemble! Justin patiently waited for the arrival of his DSP, Kim Jennings, before heading to the gathering.

Justin’s mother and guardian, Charlotte, adds the following comments about Justin’s time with LEAP so far:

“Services are going well.  Justin is doing great with his staff.  He seems to really like them and he loves going swimming every week.  Actually, he and I went swimming Tuesday because he keeps packing his bag on Monday and Tuesday for swimming with staff.  He just can't wait until Wednesday’s.  His first day alone with new staff, Sandra, went well.  They attended a movie and went to the gym. He’s had excellent days with Kim and Sandra. I really think him going out in the community is so much better then just working on chores at home.  He is loving the activity. This seems to be really working.  Just wanted to express how pleased we are with everything!”