Our current Featured LEAPer is Mr. William Viers. He was born in the summer of 1956, and most of us simply know him as “Bill”. He’s a great member of our community and you’ve probably seen him out shopping at the local grocery stores, enjoying music at events and/or participating in one of the many activities hosted by LEAP. He regularly visits Stone Soup Gardens, and loves sitting on his swing at home while enjoying the outdoors.

His typical day begins with shaving, enjoying the smell of his coffee, packing a lunch and anticipating his work day. He attends Work First five days a week, and works at “Touch of Class” thrift shop, buttoning and preparing clothing to be displayed for sale. When Bill comes home from work, he likes to relax and unwind by sitting in his recliner listening to his favorite television show “Bonanza”, or quietly reading one of his books with his fan on.
Other favorite activities are attending church and concerts at the gazebo. He also loves to collect key chains and small trinkets to hang throughout his apartment. Woodworking is a special hobby, he loves the feel and smell of the wood and has several handmade toys and other one-of-a-kind items that are used for decorating during the holidays.

Music is also a big part of Bill’s life and he can sometimes be heard playing different songs on his organ, accordion and acoustic guitar. He’s often invited by his community to play for others. He has a full library of songs, with a few of his favorites being “You are My Sunshine” and “Ring of Fire”. He loves it when people cheer for him, and is almost always willing to play another. Not only does he play the melodies, but singing along is another part of the fun for Bill.

Bill recently was donated a 2nd Braille machine and has begun writing new pieces every week. He can write stories, make cards for family and friends, and especially enjoys writing to his sister, Judy. With his writings, he can express himself, and simply enjoys being able to read back the things he has written. The satisfaction of completing a piece makes him proud, and examples can be found hung around his apartment. With help from Bill, we as staff are also learning how to use the Braille machine.

One of the many events Bill enjoyed this summer was the 4th of July parade in Farmington. He was so excited once the band started playing, sitting tapping his feet and singing along with some familiar tunes. The loud sirens, marching band and other festive sounds made him so excited and he tried to imitate many of the sounds. He happily greeted friends and coworkers who stopped to say Hello as he walked through town, excited to have spoken to each one of them.

Bill started fishing on a regular basis this summer, at the “Fish & Fun” site at Titcomb Hill. He joins other friends there, takes a picnic lunch, and boy does he catch fish! He would probably like it if you joined him on a Sunday afternoon before the snow flies, too.
It can be hard to sum up someone in such a short article, but the easiest way to describe Bill is that he’s simply a good man. He is always willing to help and is very independent.  Whether cooking dinner or taking out the trash, Bill takes pride in being able to help do things for himself and taking care of his home.  Our communities can always appreciate more friends and neighbors like that!

~ shared by Keith Greenlaw