Supporting people with developmental,
cognitive and intellectual disabilities to be
actively involved in their home communities.

Our Stories

Just Imagine...

If you were born not able to hear...
Birds or Christmas Carols or your Momma say “I love you” in her tender sweet way.
Or to hear words of Praise...or Encouragement...or Reassurance. explain why the doctor needs to do That to You.

Imagine living in total words...
No way to speak, No one to speak to, No one to listen...
If you wanted to say...I’m scared or I’m lonely.

And Imagine if on top of that, you were born looking different than most people...And
other people looked at you funny...all the time. And stared at you...a lot. And acted like
you weren’t there...most of the time.

If this was you, I could imagine that you might be angry a lot.
And sometimes forsaken...and sometimes terrified.

And then Imagine...that someone showed you...a language that you could speak with your hands.
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