Denise Boothby
Current Directors

Denise is an avid advocate for personal and community wellness and living seasonally.  She has more than a quarter century of experience as a registered nurse in our area that also encompassed a 15-year career as an educator in the Community Health program at UMF. In this latter position, she enjoyed helping students find their unique calling among careers in all dimensions of health and shepherding them to and through internships leading toward desired employment.  It was in this role she first encountered LEAP and became enamored with the organization’s deep commitment to living one’s best life; be it as a LEAPer, employee, lifelong learner, family, friend, or community member.  As a farmer’s wife and partner in operating the family farm business, mother of four free-range children, and health advocate, Denise joyfully works with her family to invest some of their blessings back into the community and is honored to serve LEAP as a board member.

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