Joyce Daggett
Occupation:PCP Coordinator

Joyce started her career with LEAP in May of 1993 when it was known as WMARC. She has had a variety of roles starting as a relief RA for Our House and Franklin Heights, then graduating to QMRP at Our House the following year. She stayed in this role for 10 years until Our House converted from ICF-MR to a Waiver Home. At this point in time, she took on the job as PCP Coordinator for LEAP and still holds this position (it has been her favorite since she gets to work for ALL the residents)!

Prior to coming to LEAP, Joyce graduated from Farmington High School in June of 1967. She attended Farmington State College (eventually UMF) for one year and decided the Special Ed department was not for her. She started work at Bass Shoe in August of 1968, working there for 2 years as a pre-punch hand sewer. She then moved on to Farmington Shoe for the next 10 years as a utility floor person, amongst other jobs. She went back to Bass Shoe in November of 1980, working there for 12 more years. During this time, she went back to college at UMF to earn a degree in Psychology/Sociology. She graduated in May of 1992 and worked as a home hand sewer and house cleaner. Finally, she came to work at LEAP (WMARC) in 1993.

Joyce has been married to her husband George for 50 years. She has a daughter, Rachel; 2 grandsons, Brandan and Noah; a brother, Jack; and sister, Helen. She loves spending time with her family, gardening, doing puzzles and going to the ocean as much as possible. Her other love is working for LEAP where she has been for the last 26+ years.

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