Marsha Allison
Occupation:Program Support I & Financial Assistant Float

Marsha has known about LEAP for the past 33 years. Her mother, Marge Taylor, is “The Face” of LEAP. So from early on, Marsha was aware of LEAP’s mission... She moved to Maine in 1997, took a CNA class and started working in several places in Farmington, including FMH and Sandy River Nursing Home. But there was something missing in these facilities... in Marsha’s own words:

“Time... “I was reminded I needed to hurry up and that I was too compassionate” by the Head RN’s, and all the while I couldn’t help thinking... “Isn’t that what health care is all about?” Eventually I knew that fast-paced health care wasn’t for me. I applied and was hired full-time as a DSP with “Franklin Heights” in 1999. Then I was asked to move with one of the individuals served to a new program called “Hidden Circle” in 2003. My career continued in supporting those two lovely ladies until 2014. “The relationships developed through the years with these ladies cemented my dedication to LEAP.”

She had found a place that offered “Time”... finally!…In those years Marsha also took on many other clerical roles within “Hidden Circle” piquing her interest in a wider range of duties for LEAP. Marsha subsequently applied for a new position in 2014 as a PS1/Financial Assistant Float and was hired. Since taking on this new role, Marsha has gained a new perspective and appreciation for how important each and every single person’s role is with LEAP. She looks forward to fine-tuning her financial responsibilities and continuing to grow with LEAP.

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