Featured LEAPer

Introducing Lukas “Luke” Bubar, a creative young man of many names.

Luke is supported in a residential setting by LEAP, in New Sharon, having previously lived in shared-living with Rispah in Strong. Luke’s Mom, Robin, brought him to LEAP with hopes of more independence and growth for him. He moved in here in 2015, with a close friend of several years, and has been full of energy and imagination since. Luke likes the many staff supporting him, and enjoys his family supports including Jessie, Journey, Corey, Hunter, and brother-in-law Randy.

Luke has many hobbies and dreams. LEAP has helped find many creative outlets for him. Luke frequently goes to the New Sharon Library to complete his many research projects. Luke is a hobby historian and enjoyer of fan fiction stories about his favorite subjects, some of these include WWE Wrestling, Jurassic Park movies, Waverly Hills, and his love of old-time country and biblical musicians. Luke has over 12 binders of facts and fan fiction. He often transforms himself into one of his personal heroes. One day he may be Johnny Cash or Elvis (two of his favorite musicians). When there is danger he may evolve into Walker, Texas Ranger or Chuck Norris himself. Luke’s vivid imagination and sharp wit make him a wonderful individual to work for.

Mr. Alan Jackson (one of Luke’s many personas) is a very independent man, who assists with many responsibilities. He often handles many chores at his home, and usually before the DSPs request assistance. Luke helps with tasks like dishwashing, taking out the garbage, sweeping, mopping, and shoveling snow off the steps or from the grounds. We never know what Luke’s room will look like, as another hobby is home décor or rearrangement of his furniture. He is a very helpful person, always looking to give his housemates or staff a hand, just for the sake of helping. He also attends Work First, works at the Touch of Class Too-Thrift Store, in the Jay Plaza and on Broadway in Farmington, and assists with Meals-On-Wheels to earn a living. He does pricing, sizing of items, and sorts bags of clothes, depending on the day.

Hercules (also Luke) has participated in the Special Olympics for several years doing equestrian activities with his housemate. He placed well during the last competition and Hercules got a first-place ribbon at one of the events! He trains with Deb and Jim Farley of Salus Equito and he hopes to participate in the Special Olympics again this year.

Reading and research are a big part of Captain Jack Sparrow’s (still Luke) day. The Captain has an interest in ghosts and some scary stories but saves those reads for the day time. He has extensive historical research on the Waverly Hills Haunted Sanitorium. He also enjoys reading and watching Ghost Stories with a cup of hot cocoa. Luke has his own computer and manages his internet searches independent of staff. When he finds exciting literature, he takes his research and surfing to his local library, Jim Ditzler Public Library in New Sharon, where he may print out the pages for continued collection and growth of his binders.

Mr. Elvis Presley (one of Luke’s musical identities) loves to express himself with music. We find young “Elvis” serenading staff and housemates, strumming on his many guitars. “Elvis” loves music and finds personal relation to his favorite musicians like Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, and Elvis himself. Armed with a collection of CDs, he practices his favorite tunes weekly. Elvis also enjoys Jam Night and ‘Sing Loud/Sing Proud Karaoke with his good buddy Alfred, whenever Luke has the opportunity to attend. Luke’s love of Elvis has grown over years, and he now owns his very own, Elvis-style, jumpsuit, fully equipped with tassels and sequins!

Triple H (Luke) enjoys hanging out with the guys of his house, sometimes for a “Man Talk”, for a 1:1 outing to Walmart to hang with the boys, or to cheer on the wrestlers of WWE entertainment. It doesn’t take much to brighten up his day. LEAP has brought many new positive interactions with people that are Luke’s peers and he treats them like family.

As you can probably tell “Triple H” loves WWE Wrestling. For the last two-years, Luke went to Augusta and Portland for WWE events. Those nights out are truly cherished by him. He likes to show off his championship belt he got from the recent event in Portland. He and his staff had a great time there. Luke also watches Monday Night Raw and Tuesday Night Smackdown religiously. As an avid fan he collects DVDs, posters, calendars, and cards, with his favorite stars in another binder while also decorating his walls with images of these wrestlers.

Yet another dream and aspiration for Luke is to visit Jurassic Park. The many movies of the dinosaur chain have inspired a love of ancient reptiles. Luke recently asked to go to a museum to learn about dinosaurs and possibly see the bones of a T-Rex. If he could go anywhere in the world it would be to Hawaii on the island of Kauai. Through research, Luke has learned this is where the remains of the Jurassic Park movies are found. Dinosaur bones and major locations from the Jurassic Park movies are kept alive, and Luke desires a trip to see it all. Hawaii is a long-term goal but a museum tour to Connecticut, with family, is planned for later this year.
Luke Bubar is a smart young man with a bright future. Due to Luke’s independence and helpful nature, he has expressed that he would love to become a DSP one day or help our organization and DSPs to do their jobs better. I believe he has the ability to accomplish many things to help his peers and staff in their roles. I believe LEAP has improved his quality of life and hope that we can all contribute to Luke’s future growth and independence.

Shared by John Howard III, DSP for IRD