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Rhonda, at left, welcomes Deanna!

New Face at FARE…Introducing Deanna!

Deanna moved from Rumford to Fare House in Turner this past February.  She had asked her case worker to help her find a home where she could live with other women her age who may have similar interests.  Deanna says that is exactly what she found at FARE House.  In recent months, she has enjoyed coloring with Erika, watching movies with Ali and going to UMF with Rhonda.  As an avid animal lover, she was happy to meet “Boo” and glad to know Rhonda is willing to share her cat with her peers.  She has attended Jam Nights, Karaoke, the Healthy Cooking Competition and an Easter Egg Hunt at Oliver House.  Getting out and active in her new community has been a game changer for Deanna.  She is looking forward to starting a new Community Supports Program soon and is hopeful to increase her circle of friends and acquaintances even more.

She is kind, has a great sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh.  Deanna is an avid cook and spaghetti and meatballs are her claim to fame in the kitchen.  Her housemates enjoy the meal a lot.    “Staff are great and help me a lot.”  Deanna shared that she appreciates that staff support her with daily needs but also help her be more independent.  She appreciates staff’s hair-dressing skills too. 

Upon moving to FARE House, Deanna identified some areas of support that she wanted staff to assist her with.  Like many young adults, she wants to be able to keep up with her bedroom and household tasks on a regular basis before it becomes overwhelming.  She has asked staff to make a schedule to ensure she stays ahead of the game in these areas.  Deanna also wanted to make healthy choices and get active by swimming.  She had been going to the UMF Fitness Center with Rhonda for a couple of months and really enjoys the pool.  Brushing up on her Math and English skills have also been a long-term goal for Deanna and we are hopeful to help her make some connections with the local Adult Ed.

Her grandparents are very important to Deanna and she keeps in close contact with them as well as her sister, mom and friends from the Rumford area.  She is proud of her great penmanship that she has had since childhood and credits her Grammy Myles for this skill.  Deanna is hoping to go to camping in Cupsuptic this summer with her family where they have been going since she was a kid.

At home, Deanna is often found doing puzzles, sharing pictures on Facebook or with her friends and socializing.  She’s making plans to go to the beach, picnics, and Funtown this summer.  In the fall, she is hoping to attend the prom hosted by her caseworker and other community members.  Then on to holiday season with family again.  Deanna loves the holidays and is looking forward to making new memories with her housemates too. 

Welcome to LEAP, Deanna.  We look forward to supporting you to reach your goals and more!