Where is LEAP located?
Our central office is at 108 Leap Lane in Farmington and we  provide services throughout western and central Maine.

What disabilities does LEAP serve?
We work with adults  with intellectual and disabilities or autism. 

How old are the people that LEAP works with?
We work with individuals from age 18 through end of life. We help adolescents in high school transition out of child services and into the support they need as an adult.

Who is eligible for LEAP services?
Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities or autism who may need functional support are encouraged to contact us for help. Typically, for an individual to qualify for LEAP’s services they must be approved for funding under the MaineCare waiver program.  In some cases, other funding sources or private pay is an option.

How much do LEAP services cost?
LEAP services are paid for through MaineCare insurance, grant funds or private pay. MaineCare rates are set by the State of Maine and are subject to change. Other fees are negotiable based on the support needs of the individual.

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