Why Choose LEAP?

“I’ve worked for LEAP for just about half my life. I believe in our company. I have seen so much love, compassion and growth. I have met so many wonderful people that, after 28 years, they are my extended family. I truly believe LEAP is one of the best places to work.”   

– Kathy Downing, LEAP DSP since 1994
LEAP employees

For an organization with a large number of employees, LEAP truly feels more like a close-knit family. Trust and kindness form the foundation of our workplace culture.  We strive to understand and accommodate the ‘outside of work’ lives of our employees by encouraging communication and flexibility. We want our staff to enjoy a healthy work/life balance, and often show our appreciation and hold events to simply let staff have fun!

The work at LEAP is meaningful and important. Supported individuals and their families have entrusted us to provide quality care and experiences. We rely our team to be dependable, compassionate and responsible. In return, they can expect guidance and support from their co-workers, supervisors and management team.

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