About Us

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“We believe in the worth and dignity of all people. We promote experiences of joy, wellness, and personal growth.”

Life Enrichment Advancing People (LEAP) is a private nonprofit devoted to empowering people of all abilities to lead lives with dignity, independence and autonomy by providing comprehensive and individualized supports. Our foundational principle is to provide services that encourage well-being, self-expression and experiences of joy.

LEAP is founded on the principle that all people are in need of opportunities for self-determination and community inclusion in order to grow and develop. We challenge people to look beyond their limitations through expanding choices and opportunities to experience new things. Our organization prides itself in providing person centered planning for the people support. A personalized approach ensures everyone receives the best care based on their unique personality, interests, abilities and needs.

We are committed to educating our communities about inclusion, diversity, acceptance, and empathy.

If you would like more information, please contact us.