Our primary focus will always be on developmental disabilities advocacy and related info, but we have made room on our Useful Links page for a limited number of other wellness-related resources, pending internal review.

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MAINE Medicare Resources

If you live in Maine, you have Medicare options if you have a limited income or are disabled. There are a number of programs worth exploring.

  • State of Maine Bureau of Insurance – A guide to Maine’s state resources for health insurance and Medicare questions.
    •    State of Maine Aging & Disability Services (SHIP) – Trained counselors offer free advice and guidance to Medicare beneficiaries in Maine.
    •    MaineCare – As Maine’s Medicaid program, MaineCare helps people living in Maine get the help they need for out-of-pocket healthcare costs that Medicare doesn’t cover.
    •    Eligibility Guide – A resource for determining eligibility for Maine’s state Medicaid program.
    •    Alpha One – Maine offers a number of resources for people living with disabilities. Learn more about Medicare benefits for those with disabilities.
    •    Maine Low Cost Drugs for the Elderly or Disabled – A state program to help people pay for prescription and over-the-counter drugs.
    •    State Enrollment Variations – In Maine, Medigap beneficiaries can switch to a different Medigap plan (with same or lesser benefits) at any time during the year. And each year, carriers must designate a one-month guaranteed-issue period (outside of Open Enrollment), during which any applicant will be accepted into Medigap Plan A.
    •    Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs) –  Main has state-specific guidelines for Medicare Savings programs related to income limits.
    *Maine requires that insurance carriers offer at least one Medigap policy to those under 65 who are disabled and those who are under 65 who have ESRD.

SUFU is a statewide coalition with representatives all over the state who work to support local and statewide self-advocacy organizations to network with each other and with national organizations.
Speaking Up For Us of Maine

Its mission is to join with individuals, families, and communities to encourage and assist people with developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, and substance abuse disorders to achieve good health and meaningful living.
Maine Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)

Maine Parent Coalition – This Coalition began in May, 2006, formed by a group of parents of individuals with developmental and related disabilities to create a system of quality housing and personal supports that is person and family centered, with choice and dignity being at the forefront of efforts.
Maine Parent Coalition

“Maine has built a fantastic coalition of family members, providers and other interested parties. It started building a few years ago when the father of a young man with disabilities began reaching out to other parents and providers. This group is called The Maine Coalition for Housing and Quality Services. It is chaired by Cullen Ryan, a dad, and also Executive Director of Community Housing of Maine. It meets monthly in Portland. It has several I.T. sites around the state. There are guest speakers every month. They include state leaders, legislators, and providers with particular insights and expertise.
This coalition, in conjunction with a small group of providers who have sought legal advice about challenges here in Maine, and our state association, joined forces last spring and did absolutely fantastic things with the media, the legislature and the community. We ended up getting the state to pull a devastating rule that would have crushed the Waiver program.  The coalition also inspired a parent group that has chapters around the state called Community Connect.  I suggest that you find about more about this by going to:  http://www.maineparentcoalition.org.”

(shared by Bonnie Jean Brooks, President & CEO of OHI in Hermon, ME.)

Caregivers’ Corner – “Parents of children with disabilities encounter many questions and challenges that most parents never experience. If you are the parent of a special needs child, it is important to know where to turn for reliable answers and emotional support and what resources are available. Caregiver’s Corner is designed to be a comprehensive listing of organizations, support groups, events, services and opportunities to empower parents and caregivers of children with disabilities.”

The Birth Injury Justice Center has compiled the most in-depth resources nationwide to help guide and serve all families with disabilities caused by physical birth injuries.

The Birth Injury Group is an online resource for anyone who has been affected by cerebral palsy, birth injuries, or brain injuries. Our team was created so we can provide answers and all types of assistance needed to help improve the quality of life for loved ones and family members with cerebral palsy. Please visit this site to learn about FREE support and useful resources to individuals and families who have been diagnosed with birth injuries like cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

The Social Role Valorization Implementation Project (SRVIP) is a human service training, evaluation and consultation effort aimed at addressing the social devaluation of impaired and other vulnerable people in contemporary society. Social Role Valorization (SRV), as articulated by Wolf Wolfensberger, PhD, is the theoretical base.

Internet-based information to assist all Maine citizens to have access to resources to be full participants across all Maine communities.
Online Maine Resources for People with Disabilities

“Imagine not being able to access all parts of your home. Imagine not even being able to get through the front door. Every day, disabled individuals find that their homes need to be modified in a way that gives them easier access. These modifications make it possible for them to stay in their home and live an independent life…”
Lifts and Other Home Adjustments for Disabled Individuals

“Every year, more Americans living with disabilities are able to call themselves homeowners. Thanks to support and legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), having a home to call one’s own is now an achievable dream for more people than ever before. For many individuals, purchasing a home is only half the battle, since the nature of someone’s disability can impact many areas of life – including the way he or she accesses, maneuvers through, and enjoys activities at home.”
Grants for Home Modification: 16 Resources for Homeowners with Disabilities

You may only know physical therapy (PT) as a remedy for damaged muscles or other mobility-limiting injuries. While physical therapists indeed help those with injuries get back to their old selves, they also improve the lives of those with lifelong diseases affecting strength and mobility. Children with such conditions can especially benefit from working with a physical therapist early on in life, so that they can maximize strength and mobility while they are young or slow the progress of degenerative disease. If your child has one of the following conditions, physical therapy may be something that can help them reduce pain, increase mobility, and gain independence.  This guide will take you through the following…

RetirementLiving.com is a national resource for consumer information related to retirement. Our website provides access to an array of resource materials, including where to retire, personal finance, a newsletter, books and online publications, and buyers guides about special products and services. Additional resources are added when appropriate.

“In our guide we provide tips for making a wise bed purchase, examine the best companies in the industry and answer some frequently asked questions. Our hope is that people combine what they learn from our guide with some research and recommendations from friends or trusted local experts in assistive devices.”

* * * * *

Personal Finance Guide for People with Disabilities

Financial Responsibility
For information regarding an SR-22 (Certificate of Insurance), judgment suspension or requirement to provide evidence of insurance, please call or send your request in writing to:
Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Driver License Services Division
29 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0029
(207) 624-9000 ext. 52108
TTY Users Call Maine relay 711

Include your name, date of birth and current address. Please specify the type of information you are requesting. If you require a copy of the letter showing the requirement or judgment suspension, please include the effective date of the requirement or judgment suspension along with a fee of $5.00. If you wish the information to be faxed back to you, please include the fax number and an additional fee of $2.00.
Please make your check or money order payable to: Secretary of State

It’s all about beginning again. 3.8 million veterans had a service-connected disability rating as of 2014. These veterans are among the most at risk of experiencing debt that can lead to bad credit. Luckily, there are various resources for veterans with debt.
Bankrate.com, the trusted source of financial rates and information for outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, CNBC and Bloomberg, just published a guide detailing what assistance options are available for those with physical disabilities, specifically those within our armed forces. You can view the guide here:

8 Steps for Learning Disabled Students Who Want to Go to College

Guide to the 2017 Top Online Schools for Students with Disabilities provides a comprehensive breakdown of accredited schools that offer online degree options for students with disabilities.
“Of the 1,265 schools researched by SR Education Group, these 46 colleges represent the most disability-friendly online schools for providing the highest level of support, the widest breadth of accommodations, and the most comprehensive resources for students with disabilities.”

Guide to the 2017 Most Affordable Online Colleges for Students with Disabilities ranks accredited institutions with online degrees that combine exceptional accommodations for students with disabilities and affordability. “These 24 colleges researched by SR Education Group represent the most affordable and supportive online schools for students with disabilities.
Beyond offering low-cost online degree options, these schools provide superior resources and accommodations for students who experience disabilities from visual or hearing impairment to learning disabilities, among others.”

Comprehensive Tech Guide for People with Disabilities

Older Citizens Web Usage Infographic
Although stats tend to change daily, here’s an interesting infographic of web usage by older citizens in July 2018, with data source links included.

The Guide to Buying Used Accessible Vehicles

34 Great Jobs for People with Disabilities

Travel Tips for Workers with Disabilities

The Disabled Job Seeker’s Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Types of Service Dogs

MDDC assures that individuals with disabilities and their families participate in the design of, and have access to needed community services, individualized supports, and other forms of assistance that promote self-determination independence, productivity, integration, and inclusion in all facets of family and community life.
Maine Developmental Disabilities Council

ANCOR is a nonprofit trade association representing private providers who provide supports and services to people with disabilities.
American Network of Community Options and Resources

MPF is a statewide organization that provides information, advocacy, education, and training to benefit all children. We promote individual aspirations and community inclusion for people with disabilities.
The Maine Parent Federation

Maine’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Services.
The University of Maine Center For Community Inclusion & Disablity Studies

College Resources for Students with Disabilities:

Scholarships & Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities:


For those interested in caring professions, here’s a look at what it takes to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, with programs in numerous states, practice tests, and other online resources.


“Certified nursing assistants are the front line of patient care. According to O*Net Online, a division of the U.S. Department of Labor, CNAs tend to possess several key traits. If you share some of these characteristics, you may be a good fit for this important job.”

2-1-1 Maine is a comprehensive statewide directory of over 8,000 health and human services available in Maine. The toll free 2-1-1 hotline connects callers to trained call specialists who can help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finding the answers to health and human services questions and locating resources is as quick and easy as dialing 2-1-1 or visiting www.211maine.org

The Community Connector is a searchable database of health and human service resources in greater Franklin County, Maine. This website is made possible by the Healthy Community Coalition and the Franklin Resource Network. It features ways to keep you connected in your community and, as a result, healthy as well.
The Community Connector

Health Topics A to Z – Check out our disease prevention topics and tools to help you and your family stay healthy. Browse our categories, choose a population, or use the A to Z search.

American Chronic Pain Association | Resource Guide to Chronic Pain Treatment

Facts about Chronic Pain and Filing for Disability

Pain Management and Opioid Abuse

Alltreatment.com is a community based public benefit website connecting people to the addiction resources they need. The resource is free to the public. Here is the link to our local treatment center locator: https://www.alltreatment.com/
Click ‘Allow’ on the Location Services Pop-Up, to find resources near you.

The 45 Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

Disabilities Guide to Substance Abuse
This guide will look at the link between drug and alcohol addiction and disabilities. It will also explore the different types of disabilities that are out there.

Information and tips on how to get started, make a plan and stay tobacco-free

When Pain Accompanies Depression | DepressionToolkit.org

How an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Relieve Pain as You Age

The Science of Sleep: How Healthy Sleeping Habits Can Reduce Chronic Pain

G.E.A.R. Parent Network
G.E.A.R. is a wonderful program providing free workshops, support groups, and a toll-free number for parents of children with behavioral health needs throughout the state of Maine. FMI: Please e-mail Randy Moser at rmoser@crisisandcounseling.org

Spread the Word to End the Word
R-Word Campaign

On May 25, 2011, this Public Service Announcement aired across multiple networks, including the majority of Fox cable channels and regional sports networks, including MTV, USA Network and Turner networks including TNT, TBS, truTV and CNN, so we hope you’ve seen it! To view the PSA, learn more about it, and share it with others, please visit the R-word website: www.r-word.org/r-word-not-acceptable-psa.aspx

Another helpful resource for travelers with various types of developmental disabilities, shared by students from the Valley Charter School
Disabled Travelers

Must-know airline info: Tips for travelers with disabilities

TN LEND/UCEDD Healthy Bodies Toolkit – Addresses Puberty in Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities
Healthy Bodies Toolkit

In 2013, the Mayo Clinic found that nearly 70 percent of people take at least one prescription drug. Because there are so many people consuming prescription drugs, we believe informing them of the risks involved is paramount. Our easy to navigate online database is constantly being updated, and provides comprehensive, unbiased information about serious side effects, complications, and interactions of commonly prescribed drugs.

“Drug and alcohol abuse is one of the most destructive issues in a person’s life; not just for the addicted person, but for anyone around them…  Each year, the DrugAbuse.com hotline connects thousands of people with substance abuse treatment programs throughout the U.S. toll-free. Thanks to our hotline supporters, who answer calls 24/7, 365 days per year, you can discuss treatment options with well-established, carefully-selected providers across the country, each specializing in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.”
Included in this webpage’s resources are Sites for Maine Substance Abuse.

Information and Answers for People Fighting Addiction

Providing Addiction Information and Treatment Center Reviews
Addiction Center is your comprehensive addiction information hub. We are the definitive guide to the dangers of abusing alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs and more. We review top treatment centers to help you find the one that gives you or your loved one the best chance at a successful recovery.

Addiction Guide is your reliable source on addiction and the dangers of illicit substances. We cover how drugs and alcohol affect the body, how to identify the signs and symptoms of abuse, and where to seek effective treatment. Our mission is to guide you and your loved ones to a healthier life.

Addiction Resource

Find Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Maine That Works – Residents and tourists enjoy the off-shore islands and breathtaking colors of autumn every year, but there’s a much less attractive aspect of Maine: substance abuse. Sadly, it’s an issue that no state is immune to.”

“Making a plan to quit smoking is the first step to quitting for good.  Take the first step here, and say goodbye to cigarettes forever.”

Mental Health Equality: When all people have the same rights, treatment and access to care regardless of mental illness or condition.”

Shared by Learning Haven Youth Center: Stress doesn’t have to be a chronic given. Here are a few tips to help manage any stress in your life.

External Online Groups – Featured Groups for Caregivers

Get caregiving tips, advice, and support with Caring.com’s online support groups. Connect with those who understand what you’re going through. Share, vent, laugh, and feel less alone. We’re here for you.


If you have ever looked for a comprehensive list of links and resources for children needing services, look no further. Also for ESL students, ASD, aphasia/TBI, etc.

“Cerebral palsy (CP) is a disability caused by brain damage that restricts normal movement and coordination. Each year, 10,000 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy Guide provides free educational materials, financial options and support to help those across the country affected by this disorder.”

From information on cerebral palsy symptoms to financial assistance to daily living articles, CerebralPalsyGuidance.com covers all aspects of cerebral palsy. And all of our information is thoroughly researched and cited.

Cerebral Palsy Group – Cerebral Palsy Information, Resources, and Support

This website helps people whose children have been born with Cerebral Palsy to understand their legal options. It also offers some great health and wellness information.

Parent to Parent USA – Promoting access, quality and leadership in parent to parent support across the country

“Families with a child who has a disability often need information about the disability of their child, about early intervention (for babies and toddlers), school services (for school-aged children), therapy, local policies, transportation, and much more. Every State has at least one Parent Training and information Center (PTI) to offer families just this kind of information.”

Maine Parent Federation
P.O. Box 2067
Augusta, ME 04338-2067
(800) 870-7746 (in ME) | (207) 623-2144

Maine Parent Federation – Since 1984…because every family matters.  “Starting POINTS for Parents is an online community for families of children with disabilities.  Providing Opportunities for Information Networking, Training and Support as they learn, share and connect about the educational and developmental needs of their children.”

Parent Training and Information Centers exist in every state as well, along with a national Center: http://www.parentcenterhub.org/.

Raising Special Kids –
“I’m so grateful to learn that Raising Special Kids is truly here to offer support. There is no catch, no gimmick, and no charge.  I have found emotional support from people who understand what it is like to have a child with special needs.”

The Cord Blood Center
Our team at cordbloodbanking.com provides the latest up-to-date information and free resources for expecting parents. There have been over 35,000 cord blood transplants thanks to donors worldwide. With more awareness we can increase this number and further save the lives of children suffering from cancers, blood disorders and many other serious disorders and disabilities including cerebral palsy.

“Cord blood treats over 80 diseases including leukemia and lymphoma. Donations are painless and are being used to save the lives of children and adults around the world.” Learn more in the free downloadable guide at our sister site https://www.cordbloodguide.com/, thanks!

Home Modifications to Promote Independent Living

Disability Accommodation Cost Guide

Fire Safety & Disabilities Guide

Home Safety for People with Disabilities

Home Fire Safety Guides & Educational Resources

Fire Safety for People with Disabilities – A Reference Guide:
This guide covers safety strategies for people with visual, hearing and mobility impairments, organized by chapters, with resources cited.

Medical Alert Systems Guide
A detailed and impartial guide on medical alert systems which includes reviews of the leading brands – http://backgroundchecks.org/home-security/medical-alert-systems

An equally useful guide from the National Council for Home Safety and Security

Disability.gov’s Guide to Transportation

Rights for Those With Hearing Loss

Increasing Physical Activity among Adults with Disabilities

Chronic Pain Relief with Swimming Exercises

Stay Active with a Disability: Quick Tips

Personal Finance Guide for People with Disabilities

Home Safety for People with Disabilities

Guide for Disabled Homebuyers

Disability.gov’s Guide to Transportation

A Guide to Keeping Your Home for the Newly Disabled

Stay Active with a Disability: Quick Tips

Depression and Disability

Helping Alzheimer’s Sufferers Cope with the Loss of a Loved One

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disorder that typically affects the small joints in the hands and feet. Currently [2015], there are about 1.5 million Americans diagnosed with RA. RA is a systematic disease, which means that in severe cases it can affect your major organs like the heart and lungs, raising the risk of heart attack by up to 60%. By increasing awareness, millions of Americans will have the best opportunity to understand their prognosis, and improve their quality of life!

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes

Disaster Preparedness For Seniors By Seniors

Safe travels: Disaster preparedness on the road

How Mortgages Are Affected in Disaster-Prone Areas

Family Communication Plan for Parents

Emergency Power Planning for People Who Use Electricity and Battery-Dependent Assistive Technology

Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities — Guide and Checklist

Compare Reviews for Top Online Pharmacies
As with all resources listed, read the reviews carefully and do your own research.