1. Where is LEAP located?

Our central office is in Farmington and we operate residences throughout western and central Maine in the towns of Farmington, Chesterville, Wilton, Rumford, North Jay and Turner. Each individual home and apartment is unmarked to respect the integrity and privacy of the people we serve.

LEAP also offers community support services in people’s own homes. We assist families and people with developmental disabilities to succeed in their immediate settings, based upon the needs and expectations of the person served and their family.

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2. What disabilities does LEAP serve?

LEAP provides services to people of varying abilities in western and central Maine enabling them to thrive in their own apartments or homes, or with their families, and to become healthy and active members of their communities. We work with people with cognitive and developmental disabilities ranging from those on the autism spectrum, with physical handicaps, Down syndrome, and more.

LEAP is founded on the principle that all people are in need of opportunities for self-fulfillment in order to grow and develop. We challenge people to look beyond their limitations through expanding choices and opportunities to experience new things.


3. How old are the people that LEAP works with?

We work with individuals from age 18 through the end of life with a deep belief that once someone joins our organization they are forever a part of it. We help adolescents in high school transition out of child services and into adulthood. We also work with the elderly to ensure they are receiving the assistance they need and deserve.

If you or someone you know would like a private consultation with a LEAP member, contact us here.  [Initial referral point-of-contact is PCP Coordinator, Joyce Daggett @207-860-2608]


4. Who can apply for LEAP services?

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who may need functional support are encouraged to contact us for help. Typically, for an individual to qualify for LEAP’s services, they must be approved for Section 21 funding under the MR waiver program. An application must be completed (link to referral) to start the process of planning for individual supports.  In some cases, other funding sources or private pay is an option. People are encouraged to apply for services and we will help to provide referrals if we cannot support the individual need.


5. How much do LEAP services cost?

LEAP services are paid for through Mainecare insurance, grant funds or private pay. Mainecare is a set rate through the State of Maine and is subject to change. Other fees are negotiable based on the support needs of the individual.


6. Can I hold a job while I work with LEAP?

Yes, the people that we serve are encouraged to capitalize on any opportunity for self-fulfillment in order to grow and develop. LEAP encourages people to participate in their communities, including employment and attending events.


7. How is LEAP funded?

The majority of funding for LEAP’s services comes from state and federal funds. Fundraising efforts and donations support several of our programs and endeavors like the DREAM Respite Program.


8. Do you use volunteers? How can I get involved?

LEAP does have a number of volunteers in the communities that help with physical projects, coordinate fundraisers, and assist with administrative support. If you are interested in volunteering with LEAP, contact Sarah Judd at sjudd@leapcommunity.org.


9. Are you hiring?

LEAP employs almost 200 direct support professionals, house managers, administrators and other trained individuals. Visit our Job Openings page to see if we have any current opportunities.


10. What kind of donations do you accept?

Make a donation directly to LEAP

You can make a donation directly on our website for the following:

  • Gifts in kind/bequests
  • Recurring gift
  • Wellness program
  • Wheelchair purchase
  • Administrative time
  • DREAM Program trips
  • Annual Fund

We also accept event sponsorships for our annual fundraisers, as well as wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps, beds, and more. If you would like to make a donation and have a question, please contact us.